Mantra Garden



When I was a child, songs were constantly running through my head. I often took my sister’s guitar and sang short fragments over and over again. Only later did I learn the meaning of mantra.

Since my earliest youth I have been performing on stages as a musician and working as a singer on studio productions. I sang at international jazz festivals (Munich, London, Ingolstadt etc.), studied classical opera singing privately in Heidelberg and instrumental pedagogy for pop+jazz guitar in Frankfurt.

Mantras are familiar to me from an early age. For me Mantras are artistic expression, prayer and spiritual path at the same time. When singing in everyday life and at concerts they give peace, strength, destination, designation and self-determination.


My mother was an artist and she taught me different techniques of painting. Colours were always my source of strength and inspiration. In my design studies I learned how to translate complex themes into colour and form.

I lived in France for several years and worked for many years in International Cooperation for Adult Education. That took me to many countries and different cultures. I capture my impressions of cities and countries in paintings. Many of my paintings are exhibited in Europe and in the USA.

Mantras bring me to rest during my travels with many new impressions. The sound experience of the mantras shows itself to me in colours.


Sonja is a yoga teacher with dedication to BYV. Since 2011 she teaches yoga for people with physical pain or discomfort. In addition to that she gives yoga lessons for seniors and does yoga therapy. She is a meditation course leader and holds a advanced training certificate as a mantra yoga teacher. “The immense power within me and the ongoing quest for “more” led me to yoga, mantra and tantra.”

John was born in Hungary and grew up playing the guitar. As a street musician, on stages or as a studio musician, he is an artist with body and soul. He is busy composing classical works, as a guitarist and as a songwriter. He is at home with many strains of this world and through him the powerful effect of the mantras comes tangibly alive. He has put his life in the service of the six strings.