Mala Shop
Full of ebergy
Natural materials
Tradtionally knotted

Mala Shop

Mala – unique pieces – handmade
For peace, power and consciousness

Our malas are created with the intention to support you on your personal path and to benefit from joy and energy. We use only selected, especially energetic materials for our malas. Traditionally, a mala always consists of 108 beads and one guru bead. Our malas are carefully and traditionally handmade.

Anyone can wear a mala

Malas have traditionally been used as prayer beads, but don’t let that put you off. You can wear them completely regardless of all religions and lifestyles as a reminder of your positive intentions. Just wearing a mala has a calming and positive effect on many people around the world.

A mala is both a beautiful piece of jewellery and a companion on your path to peace, serenity and an abundant and positive life.

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